Investment Strategies

Over the past decade, more traditional approaches to diversification have disappointed investors and fallen short of expectations. We believe change is needed to confidently make a difference in you and your family's life.

A new way of thinking:

  • Evolve beyond traditional asset class diversification
  • Modify your current investment process
  • Better align portfolios with risk/return expectations.
  • Diversify by using different firms and different management styles.
  • Create a cash position from gains in your portfolio that builds cash for you in preparation of distributions that will be needed in and through retirement.

Our clients have access to a financial projection software that allows them to test various scenarios to see how it would effect their portfolio. Watch the short video clip below for an overview:


We work with you to find professional money management firms that align with your goals and expectations. The table below shows different solution providers we have and can collaborate with to build your wealth strategy.