Our Agreements

With over 34 years in practice we have found  the people we can help the most are in agreement with a few simple ideals:

  • You agree that you have a higher quality of life if you have educated proactive advisors you trust to help you. (This does not mean that we are that advisor, only that if you had someone you trusted on your side, you would be better off. Whom you choose as that trusted advisor is entirely up to you.)
  • There is no perfect investment, and getting rid of the notion that there is one is an important step to your financial success.
  • Resisting the urge to think "all or none" when it comes to your money, and assets, including your company's stock. Additionally, keeping any one asset or holding from becoming too large of a percentage of your net worth creates a more balanced life and a portfolio with less risk.
  • Paying as little income tax as legally possible can contribute to your financial success. (It is not so much what you make, but what you keep that is important)
  • Having a plan for your future, your portfolio allocation, and your desired income is better than not having one.
  • Having the right legal documents and beneficiary designations in place so more of your assets transfer to the people you love is important enough to spend time reviewing them.
  • We agree that hiring professional money management firms to handle your money is the best way to have your money managed.
  • Creating built in accountability for the firms we hire to manage your money is better than not having accountability.
  • We don't have to work together.

We believe we are the right advisors for the right people. At the end of the day this is your journey, your decisions, your life. Only if we come to agreement that we can work together and you believe we can help you, will we move forward in doing so.